Gabrielle Claiborne Photo Credit: Atlanta Pride Committee [2022]

Gabrielle Claiborne

Author, Activist

Pronouns: She / Her / Hers

Gabrielle Claiborne is co-founder of Transformation Journeys Worldwide, an inclusion training and consulting firm with a transgender focus. She helps cutting-edge organizations reshape their environments into fully trans, gender non-conforming, and non-binary inclusive spaces. Gabrielle's firm was recognized as the (OGBA) Out Georgia Business Alliance's 2018 Small Business of the Year and received the Atlanta Hawk's prestigious 2019 True Comes in All Colors award. Claiborne is a TEDx speaker whose work has been featured in Forbes and is the author of the book Embrace Your Truth: A Journey of Authenticity. She was the recipient of the Atlanta Business Chronicle's 2019 Diversity & Inclusion "Outstanding Voice'' Award. She also received the 2018 Georgia Small Business Administration's LGBTQ Small Business Champion Award. In 2015, she was chosen as Atlanta's Best Trans Activist.

As a former Executive Board member of the Atlanta Pride Committee, she currently serves as Co-Chair of the National LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce's Transgender and Gender Expansive (TGX) Initiative, as Co-Chair of the Trans Affairs Committee on the City of Atlanta's LGBTQ Mayoral Advisory Council, as Inclusion Chair and Board Secretary of the OGBA, as Chair of the OGBA's Workplace Initiative, and as Advisory Board Member of Out Front Theatre Group.