Atlanta Pride Leadership

Atlanta Pride is ran by four separate groups that form the organization. The groups are: The Board, The Staff, The Committee, and The Volunteers! Read more about each group below and see the members that make up each group.

Board of Directors

  • Wil Bryant - Chair
  • Justin Gavette-Boring - Vice Chair
  • Traci Romero - Secretary
  • Trisha Clymore - Treasurer
  • Jane Acuff
  • Earl Fields
  • Glen Paul Freedman
  • Emily Gettelfinger
  • Sam Lim
  • Emily Porter
  • Elaine Marie Serrano
  • Dan Wilkerson


  • Jamie Fergerson - Executive Director
  • Lynn Barfield - Operations Manager
  • Kim Sorrells - Programs and Partnerships Manager


The following is a list of Committee Chairs for the Atlanta Pride Committee:

  • Lee Armstrong
  • Leanne Austin
  • Vonda Bentley-Brummett
  • Mina Brummett
  • Brian Boring-Gavette
  • Brandon Bush
  • Stan Fong
  • Tim Garrett
  • Paul Gibson
  • Rosalyn Jordan
  • Lance Mealer
  • Kim Montgomery
  • Chris Quackenbush
  • Jamie Roberts
  • Chris Ruiz
  • Victoria Seahorn
  • Al Shaffer
  • Andre Silva
  • Lauren Vidure
  • Stephanie Willis


Volunteers are the heart of the organization. They answer phones in the office, help with day to day operations and are the most important element in ensuring that the Atlanta Pride Festival is a success every October! Without our volunteers the organization would not be as successful as it is today!