Atlanta Pride Committee does our best to support a variety of community events and projects that represent the full spectrum of our diverse community. While we can't actively recruit for each of these programs, we are happy to help them reach our community by posting information about the various projects on our Community Involvement page. We list the various research information here for the community to participate in those studies for which they qualify. Additionally, we encourage our community to visit this page regularly as it is updated as we are made aware of new studies and programs. We hope that this will help not only our research partners, but the LGBTQ+ Community as a whole.

For information regarding a particular study, please email the study's contact person as listed on each study listing. Atlanta Pride does not run nor participate in any of the listed studies or programs.

Community Needs Survey

Our Family Coalition

Demographic:LGBTQ Families | End Date: Dec 1, 2021 | Compensation: $25 (if qualified) | Contact Email
Purpose: A nationwide survey to discover what our LGBTQ+ family communities need to thrive now. Would you take 5 minutes and tell us what your family needs most to thrive?
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Maintaining Culture, Identity, and Community Throughout a Global Pandemic

San Jose State University

Demographic:Identify as LGBTQ+ AND Hispanic Heritage,18+ | End Date: 11/22/2021 | Compensation:N/A |
Contact Email

Purpose: Participants will be asked to reflect upon the impact of the pandemic and how it may have changed their participation in LGBTQ communities and culture via a Zoom interview. Must email to participate.

Promoting Resilience in Sexual Minority Adults

The University of North Texas

Demographic:LGBTQ+ 18 to 25 | End Date: Dec 1, 2021 | Compensation: electronic retail gift card | Contact Email
Purpose: The purpose of this study is to understand the relationships between LGBTQ+ experiences, discrimination, and mental health. The study takes approximately 30-45 minutes. Candidates must reside in the United States and speak fluent English. Contact email to participate.

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