Shaken or Stirred

May 29 @ 6:30pm | FREE

Bored in the house? Want to expand bar-tending knowledge? Tune into Shaken or Stirred with the creators of Whiskey and Rosemary.
Erika Moore and Raquel Ravenell met in Atlanta, GA, 2017, and instantly connected through their love of travel, food, and cocktails. They both worked at Studio no.7, a former Atlanta event space, crafting cocktails for an array of events. One evening after work (and one too many whiskey cocktails) they became inspired to start a business and to name it "Whiskey and Rosemary". Within a few months, they booked a trip to Thailand, where they explored and built on their new idea, later establishing their business in 2018 as Whiskey and Rosemary LLC. They have been working together ever since. Currently, Whiskey and Rosemary is a lifestyle brand with goals to connect with everyday people who love and enjoy the crafted lifestyle just as much as they do.