Dewayne Queen Photo Credit: Atlanta Pride Committee [2024]

Dewayne Queen


Preferred Pronouns: He / His / Him
Director Status: New
Current Term: First (1st)

Dewayne stated he serves on the Atlanta Pride Board because, " I support inclusivity, and celebrate diversity. Joining the Board provides an opportunity to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, foster a sense of community, and continue the great work this organization has done over the years."

Dewayne Queen is a seasoned flight attendant with an impressive 8-year tenure at Delta Air Lines. He holds the esteemed position of President for EQUAL Delta Air Lines LGBTQ Organization, where his visionary leadership shines through in the orchestration of internal programming and Pride Festivals on both national and international stages.

Beyond his aviation role, Dewayne is a multifaceted entrepreneur. He serves as the dynamic CEO and founder of Swank Arts & Entertainment, an enterprise distinguished for its prowess in event management, logistics, and meticulous planning.

Dewayne's passion for advocacy is evident in his roles as a proud board member and Vice President of the Atlanta Black Pride Organization. He also stands as the visionary founder of the TransLife Awards, an initiative that reverently acknowledges the substantial contributions of the Transgender Community across corporate America, culture, entertainment, and beyond.

Adding to his remarkable accomplishments, Dewayne spearheads The Winters Lane Foundation. This remarkable endeavor is dedicated to bridging gaps within the LGBTQIA+ community of all age groups, facilitating access to fundamental healthcare, HIV prevention measures, and crucial housing resources within the vibrant city of Atlanta.

With an exceptional career that encompasses diverse realms of impact, Dewayne Queen is a trailblazer who continues to shape positive change in the lives of many.

Election History

2 Year Term