Atlanta Pride Committee does our best to support a variety of community events and projects that represent the full spectrum of our diverse community. While we can't actively recruit for each of these programs, we are happy to help them reach our community by posting information about the various projects on our Community Involvement page. We list the various research information here for the community to participate in those studies for which they qualify. Additionally, we encourage our community to visit this page regularly as it is updated as we are made aware of new studies and programs. We hope that this will help not only our research partners, but the LGBTQ+ Community as a whole.

For information regarding a particular study, please email the study's contact person as listed on each study listing. Atlanta Pride does not run nor participate in any of the listed studies or programs.

State of LGBTQ+ Aging


Ends:02/29/2024 | Contact Email

Demographic: All LGBTQ+ identified adults ages 50 and older residing in the United States, with access to internet and phone, comfortable taking the survey in English or Spanish | Compensation:Participants can enter a raffle for a $50 gift card (there are 20 gift cards total)

Purpose:The SAGE Center of Excellence has partnered with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) to conduct a "State of LGBTQ+ Aging Survey" every-other-year to better understand the current experiences, needs, and resiliencies of LGBTQ+ older people in the U.S. We intend to publish the results of this study publicly in hopes that the results will be used to improve the field of LGBTQ+ aging. Participate in this survey


Georgia Southern University

Ends:03/31/2024 | Contact Email

Demographic: LGBTQ+ 18-24 year old's living in Georgia. | Compensation:No Compensation

Purpose:This study is looking to identify the amount of stress, the barriers to seeking help for that stress, and the social networks that are used when stressed in the LGBTQ+ 18-24 young adults across Georgia. We want to use this data to help build a community that is stronger and more connected for future LGBTQ+ young adults. Participate in this survey

Queer Resilience: Unraveling the Effects of Minority Stress on Mental Health

Ends:04/01/2024 | Contact Email

Demographic: age, gender identity, sexual orientation, race / ethnicity, household income, college or work, relationship status, lgbtq resources available, location | Compensation:No Compensation

Purpose:understanding the effects of minority stress on the mental health of lgbtq individuals (ages 18-25) Participate in this survey

Identifying and Formulating Pathways to Address Behavioral Health Inequities Southeast Georgia LGBTQIA+ Communities

Georgia Southern University

Ends:04/30/2024 | Contact Email

Demographic: We are looking for members of the LGBT community living in Southeast, Eastern, and Coastal Georgia. | Compensation:You will earn a $65 Amazon or Walmart gift card for focus group participation.

Purpose:Community researchers are interested in partnering with LGBTQIA+ people to learn more about contributing factors to negative mental health, and ways can help people heal and thrive! It will also inform affirming and liberatory practice provided at First City Pride Center Prism Clinic in Savannah. Interviews are held via Zoom for 1.5 to 2 hours. Participate in this survey

Together We Thrive

Emory University School of Nursing

Ends:06/20/2024 | Contact Email

Demographic: Transgender women | Compensation:Yes - $50 for 2 hour Zoom Focus group participation

Purpose:This project is a series of small studies during which transgender women work with public health nurses to co-create a community-based coping intervention to offset the negative effects of stigma and victimization experienced by the community. This intervention will be designed by transgender women, delivered by transgender women, specifically for transgender women. To register for this study/see if you are eligible, individuals must email us or call us at (470) 502-4191.

All of Us Research Program

Emory University, School of Medicine

Ends:05/06/2028 | Contact Email

Demographic: Demographic: All eligible adults (18 or older) who live in the United | End Date: All of Us may last for at least 10 years | Compensation:Participants who complete all seven steps to enroll are eligible to receive a $25 gift card

Purpose:The All of Us Research Program has a simple mission. We want to help speed up health research. LGBTQ+ people, like many other groups, have often been left out of research. As a result, we know less about their health and ways to provide them with the best care. The All of Us Research Program wants to change this. By joining All of Us, LGBTQ+ people can help ensure their community is included in health studies. These studies could help researchers understand health conditions that are more common among LGBTQ+ people. What they learn could lead to more tailored approaches for preventing and treating those conditions.Participate in this survey

RISE - Research Inclusion Supports Equity.

Emory University

Ends:Ongoing | Contact Email

Demographic: LGBTQIA+ people 18 years and older who have memory concerns or a memory loss diagnosis such as Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia or are helping care for someone with memory loss or a memory loss diagnosis. | Compensation:No Compensation

Purpose:RISE is a research study being conducted by Emory University, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. RISE stands for Research Inclusion Supports Equity. The RISE Registry is for LGBTQIA+ 18 and older who have memory concerns or a memory loss diagnosis such as Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia or are helping care for someone with memory loss or a memory loss diagnosis. The RISE Registry is a national effort designed to connect participants to LGBTQIA2+ friendly resources and includes a research registry created to help ensure the LGBTQIA+ community is represented in Alzheimer's research. Participate in this survey

LGBTQ+ BIPOC Experiences of Oppression and Resilience

University of Missouri

Ends:05/31/2024 | Contact Email

Demographic: Gender identity, sexual identity, ethnic/racial identity, age, income, relationship status, interview questions during interview (about experiences of stress and resilience that are unique to LGBTQ+ BIPOC) | Compensation:Participants will receive $50 for completing the individual interview and $50 for completing the follow-up focus group.

Purpose:We are recruiting LGBTQ+ BIPOC 18 years or older to interview about their unique experiences of stress, exposure to oppressive messages, and sources of resilience. Participate in this survey

Strong, Thriving, and Resilient Men's Project

University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Ends:06/30/2024 | Contact Email

Demographic: LGBTQ+ People of Color age 18-30 masculine presenting people | Compensation:Yes, up to $400 for five surveys over 2 year enrollment period.

Purpose:We are intending to understand health and wellness of sexual minority men. With this data, we are hoping to understand best intervention and prevention methods at a community level. Participate in this survey

THRIVE SS Silver Lining Project - Community Needs Assessment


Contact Email

Demographic: Black SGL men over the age of 50 living with HIV in Georgia |

Purpose:Our team has been working diligently on a comprehensive Community Needs Assessment survey to better understand the unique challenges and opportunities of Black SGL men over the age of 50 living with HIV in Georgia. The results of this survey will be used to inform our Advocacy and Policy Agenda. Participate in this survey

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