Community Reinvestment Grants

The Atlanta Pride Committee was built on the power of community - one that gets stronger with every volunteer, member, and participant that supports the work that we do all year long. Today we're excited to harness the potential of our community by giving back through our Community Reinvestment Grant initiative.

We know that this work cannot be done without the partnership of other LGBTQ+ serving organizations, and our ongoing Community Reinvestment Grant Fund helps us to identify local groups that provide services and programs that embody our mission. These organizations define the very term "grassroots," they need support, funding, and resources at the source to help elevate the work they provide for the community.


Q: What is the deadline for submission?
A: The Community Reinvestment Grant applications and supporting materials must be submitted by 5PM on November 18th, 2022 for priority consideration. Any applications received after this date may not be considered.

Q: Can an organization submit more than one (1) application?
A: Each organization may only submit a single application per grant period. Multiple events or programs may be named in the application.

Q: Is there a maximum grant amount?
A: For 2022, Community Reinvestment Grants for exceptional proposals are limited to a maximum of $7,500. Most grants awarded will range between $1,000.00 and $3,000.

Q: Can two (2) or more organizations apply for a joint grant?
A: Yes. Collaborative applications should explain the expertise each organization brings to the project and how the grant will be managed. Collaborating organizations have accountability and responsibility to each other and shall provide a plan for the distribution of funding, if awarded. If you apply for a joint grant with another organization, you are ineligible to apply for a Community Grant as an individual organization. Joint grant requests may not exceed $10,000.00.

Q: Is grant-writing ability considered when choosing grant recipients?
A: No, our goal is to assist community organizations to start, and continue, successful projects that align with our strategic vision and goals. Your ability to write grants will not be considered — do the best that you can to complete the application. Applicants who need accommodations in order for the process to be accessible should contact [email protected] for assistance.

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