Past Grand Marshals

Grand Marshals have been a part of the Atlanta Pride Parade since 1992. While the criteria has changed over the years and the number of Grand Marshals each year has fluctuated, make no mistake - to be a Grand Marshal of the Atlanta Pride Parade, is a true honor. Below is a list of those who have carried this prestigious title.

2023 Grand Marshals

Danielle Bonanno
Aubri Escalera
Jim Farmer
Sergio Mendez
Voices of Note
Jon Santos
Georgia Voice
Toni-Michelle Williams

2022 Grand Marshals

Due to the pandemic cancellation of the Festival in 2021, the elected 2021 Grand Marshals were recognized and allowed to participated in the 2022 Parade. No additional Grand Marshals were added in 2022.

2021 Grand Marshals

Gerald Bostock
Dr. Valeria Cantos
Gabrielle Claiborne
Out Front Theatre Company
Policing Alternatives & Diversion (PAD) Initiative
Renee Montgomery
Rhea Wunsch

Honorary Grand Marshal
Elaine Hendrix

Although organizers of the Parade and Festival cancelled the event due to a surge in COVID-19 cases; the Atlanta Pride Committee had voted on Grand Marshals and did in fact acknowledge them virtually.

2020 Grand Marshals

No Parade or Festival due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

2019 Grand Marshals

Dr. Annise Mabry
Rev. Dr. Beth LaRocca-Pitts
Chanel Haley
Emily Halden Brown
Feroza Syed
Rev. Kimberly Jackson
Latino LinQ
Royce Mann
The Honorable Stacey Abrams, Fmr. GA Democratic Governor nominee
Stephanie Cho
Thrive SS

2018 Grand Marshals

Micky Bee
Monica Helms
Rabbi Joshua Lesser
Scott Titshaw
Craig Washington
Angels in Action / Shane Garner
Black Mama's Bailout
The Ponce Center (formerly known as the Grady IDP)

2017 Grand Marshals

David Cowan
Holiday Simmons
Jamie Roberts
Jerry Gonzales
Joan Garner
Sandy Lane
Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition
Planned Parenthood
Vox Teen

2016 Grand Marshals

Anne Barr
Simone Bell
Cheryl Courtney Evans
David Hayward
For the Kid
Leonardo Martinez
Out on Film
Estrella Sanchez
Anneliese Singh
SnapCo (Solutions Not Punishment Coalition)
Southerners On New Ground

2015 Grand Marshals

Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
Swami Jaya Devi Bhagavati
Stefani Blackmon
Ulester Douglas
La Trina P. Jackson
Raynae' Jones
Gus Kaufman, Jr., Ph.D.
Tracee McDaniel
Daniel Ashley Pierce
Southern Jewish Resource Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity (SOJOURN)
Charles Henry Stevens
Trans* and Friends

Honorary Grand Marshals
Sam Brinton
Esera Tualo

2014 Grand Marshals

Faisal Alam
Michael Bishop
Avery Chandler
RayShawn Chandler
Stephanie Guilloud
Dr. Christopher Innis
Tony Kearney
Sheila Merritt
Arlene Noriega, Ph.D.
Ria Pell
Ruby Redd
Michael D. Shutt
Jennifer Sisson
Shelton Stroman
Shane Thomas
Elizabeth Wurz
Krista Wurz
Georgia Safe Schools Coalition
The Southern Regional Office of Lambda Legal

2013 Grand Marshals

Dr. Christina Bucher
Lorraine Fontana
Mark S. King
Evelyn Mims
Charles Stephens
Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
Charis Circle

Honorary Grand Marshals
Daniel Hernandez Jr.
Del Shores
Sheriff Lupe Valdez

2012 Grand Marshals

Vandy Beth Glenn
Jeff Graham
Danny Ingram
Dr. Julie Kubala
Rev. Joshua Noblitt
Anita Rae Strange
Alpha Chapter of Sigma Omega Phi Fraternity, Inc.
The Armorettes

Honorary Grand Marshals
Ben Cohen, MBE
Stuart Milk

2011 Grand Marshals

Lynn Barfield
Dee Dee Chamblee
Duchess Claud
Paulina Hernandez
Topher Payne
Rick Westbrook
HIV/AIDS organizations

2010 Grand Marshals

Legislative 40
Education 40
Community Builder 40

2009 Grand Marshals

Pastor Chris Glaser
APD Ofc. Dani Lee Harris

2008 Grand Marshals

Shonia Brown
Scott Turner Schofield

2007 Grand Marshals

Aida Rentas
Rev. Brad Schmelling

Honorary Grand Marshals
Susan Ashley Stanton

2006 Grand Marshals

Rev. Antonio Jones
Kerry Pacer

Honorary Grand Marshal
Judy Shepherd

2005 Grand Marshals

Shelley Emerson
Philip Rafshoon

Honorary Grand Marshals
Berl Boykin
Gail Cowie
Annette Hatton
Nancy McNair

2004 Grand Marshals

Mary Anne Adams
Allen Thornell

Honorary Grand Marshals
Judy Colb
The Armorettes

2003 Grand Marshals

Linda Ellis
Jim Marks (a.k.a. Bubba D. Licious)

Honorary Grand Marshals
Susan Borden
Doug Johnson
Erin Musslewhite
Esera Tualo
Bill Weaver

2002 Grand Marshals

Melissa Carter
Guy Pujol

Honorary Grand Marshals
Elizabeth Birch
John Carroll
NYPD Ofc. Carol Paukner
Rev. Troy Perry

2001 Grand Marshals

Kecia Cunningham
Rep. Karla Drenner
Frank Puckett

2000 Grand Marshals

Mona Bennett
Comm. Nancy Boxill
Charlie Brown
Ray Brewer
Mayor Bill Campbell
Chris Cash
Bev Cook
Lynn Cothren
Mary Davis
Juliet De La Cruz
Dallas Denny
Rev. Renee DuBose
Sen. Vincent Fort
Jim Heverly
Gene Holloway
Richy Howard
Kenneth Johnson
Rep. John Lewis
Eddie Owen
Herb Rehberg
Shelly Robbins
Duncan Teague
Leigh Van der Els
Ron Whalen
Tom Whitehead
Cathy Woolard

1999 Grand Marshals

Dr. Saralyn Chestnut
Jeff Graham
Philip McDonald
Chip Rowan

1998 Grand Marshals

Michael Edwards
Joan Garner

1997 Grand Marshals

Dana Ford
Rep. John Lewis
Beverly McMahon

1996 Grand Marshals

Tony Braswell
Linda Bryant
Sherry Emory
Shelly Roberts

Honorary Grand Marshals
Amanda Burse
Kristen Hall
Bruce Hayes
Sean Sasser
Kenneth Wade

1995 Grand Marshals

Maria Helena Dolan
Larry Pellegrini

Honorary Chair
Phil Wilson

1994 Grand Marshals

Pat Hussain
Jon-Ivan Weaver

Honorary Chair
Peri Jude Radecic

1993 Grand Marshals

Deana Collins
Duncan Teague

1992 Grand Marshal

Joan Garner

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