Atlanta Pride Sub-Committees

The Atlanta Pride Committee is made up of several sub-committees. Each sub-committee is comprised of volunteers that have their own dedicated responsibilities to ensure the Festival is successful each year. Each sub-committee is headed by one or two volunteers called Chairs or Co-Chairs to assist in leading their committee to success. The Chairs / Co-Chairs are appointed each year by the Executive Director.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Atlanta Pride Committee, please review each sub-committee below and decide where you would like to lend your talents. We are always looking for volunteers with a passion to serve, and selecting the right sub-committee is the first step to fulfilling that passion! We look forward to hearing from you!

Accessibility Services Committee

Volunteers and staff are either deaf, hard of hearing, or are fluent - and certified - in American Sign Language as they provide interpreting services for deaf / hard of hearing people. They also address accessibility issues for people who use mobility devices, people who are blind, and people who have other disabilities.

Committee Chair(s): [Open]

Backstage Security Committee

These volunteers are responsible for providing security for the backstage areas of the entertainment venues at the Festival. They handle any security issues that may arise backstage during the festival, as well as secure artist preparation areas.

Committee Chair(s): Kim Montgomery | Mina Brummett | Vonda Bentley-Brummett

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected by the Atlanta Pride Committee Membership body. They are responsible for the organizational sustainability, strategic planning, and fiscal oversight of the entire organization. For more information, please visit the Board of Directors Page.

Creative & Graphics Committee

Volunteers for this committee provide graphic input and support for the Atlanta Pride Committee. They are responsible for designing signage throughout the park, print advertising seen in magazines and digital media, and assist with website, app, and social media graphics.

Committee Chair(s): [Open]

Cultural Exhibit Committee

Volunteers on this committee develop the direction of the Cultural Exhibit. They oversee and edit the content of exhibit panels, and coordinate the setup and breakdown of the exhibit at the festival. Volunteers also staff the exhibit during event hours.

Committee Chair(s): [Open]

Entertainment Committee

This group of volunteers selects the talent that performs during the Festival. They also maintain and adhere to the stage schedules for the weekend, ensuring that performances occur as per the designated. They may act as Stage Managers, Hosts and Backstage Directors.

Committee Chair(s): Chris Ruiz | Lauren Vidure

Events Committee

This dedicated group of volunteers produces year-round events (like Stonewall Month and Stride Into Pride), as well as Festival events (like the Dyke March, Trans March, and Kids Event). Volunteers for this committee work year around to ensure that that PRIDE is every day, not just one weekend a year.

Committee Chair(s): Selina Snider

Festival Donations Committee

This group of volunteers recruit, schedule, and coordinate nonprofit groups to collect donations during the festival. They also create and maintain a safe and secure area for groups to return the money collected. In short, this groups manages what is known as the 'Bucket Brigade' in the park.

Committee Chair(s): Chris Quackenbush | Paul Gibson

Festival Services Committee

Volunteers for the Festival Services Committee provide information to festival-goers. Information can range from maps of the Festival to the history of the Atlanta Pride Committee and Festival.

Committee Chair(s): Brandon Bush

History & Legacy Committee

This group of dedicated volunteers organize and maintain the photographic databases from all Pride related events. They catalog historical items and photographs to build the history of the organization. You may see them around the festival taking photos of the crowd, the artists and performances, as well as individual attendees. They are the 'Librarians' of the Atlanta Pride Committee & Festivals.

Committee Chair(s): Stan Fong

Hospitality Committee

Putting the Atlanta Pride Festival is a BIG job and takes lots of volunteers! The Hospitality Committee is responsible for providing food for the volunteers in the park (over 200 volunteers!). They maintain refreshments for the VIP Hospitality Center by keeping it stocked with food and beverages. These volunteers are, shall we say, 'hungry to serve'.

Committee Chair(s): Stephanie Willis | Victoria Seahorn

Logistics & Operations Committee

The volunteers for the Logistics & Operations Committee are responsible for setup and breakdown of all areas of the Festival, from tents and tables to water and electricity. They work in conjunction with all of the onsite contractors. Managing inventory of permanent and rental items before, during and after the festival. They maintain the Operations Center while prioritizing logistical needs, security, personnel, market, first aid, and other requests. They also manages deliveries during the Festival and monitor the venue through the weekend.

Committee Chair(s): James Aydlett

Market Committee

Enjoy walking through the Market Place during the festival and seeing all the wonderful vendors? The Market Committee is to thank for making that possible. Volunteers provide load-in and load-out support to Marketplace vendors before, during, and after the Festival.

Committee Chair(s): Al Shaffer

Parade Committee

The notable part of the weekend is Atlanta Pride Parade on Sunday. This group of dedicated volunteers are responsible for the coordination of, and communication with, the parade entrants. They handle the logistics of parade assembly and mobilization. Responsibilities also include locating judges and coordinating prizes for the winners of the parade competitions. Volunteers for this committee can also participate in the parade by carrying the rainbow flag down the parade route!

Committee Chair(s): Tim Garrett | Stuart Blencoe

VIP Host Committee

These very special volunteers act as Hosts for the Friends of Pride, VIPs, and Sponsors who visit the VIP Hospitality Center and Viewing Area. Volunteers are available to staff both areas during the festival. Experience in the hospitality industry definitely helps these volunteers, but it isn't required.

Committee Chair(s): Sam Lim | Rosalyn Jordan

Volunteer Committee

Did we mention how important Volunteers are to the Atlanta Pride Festival? This committee is essential to ensuring we have the needed volunteers through out the weekend. They are responsible for recruitment and retention of volunteers, they coordinate scheduling of volunteers for the Festival Event as well as Events through out the year. This committee handles all volunteer requests during the Festival, placing volunteers in areas where they are needed most. They work closely with all other Committee Co-Chairs to ensure that each committee has the volunteer power they need to have a successful event.

Committee Chair(s): Christopher Lawson

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