Statement on Senate Passage of SB 140

Statement on Senate Passage of SB 140

With SB 140 expected to go to a floor vote in the House soon, we need your help! Send a message to your State Representative, RIGHT NOW, letting them know that you oppose this attack on transgender youth, their families, and healthcare providers.

In Georgia, SB140, a bill banning life-saving medical care for trans people, passed the Senate yesterday and now heads to the House. The Atlanta Pride Committee has been working to educate the community about this bill and will continue to fight what we know is harmful legislation.

While the actions of many of our state representatives sadden us, we will continue to support the Transgender community. This is a cultural war that will harm transgender youth and their families by seeking to deny access to gender-affirming medical care for trans minors. Senate passage of SB 140 is an extremist government overreach, which removes parents' ability to work with their medical teams and adhere to standards of care to make decisions regarding their child's healthcare.

The Atlanta Pride Committee applauds all of the parents, medical providers, and supporters of transgender youth who have continually shown up over the last two weeks to urge their Senators to oppose this bill. We will continue to support Transgender youth and their families because we recognize that EVERY Georgian has a right to feel visible and safe in our community.

We will continue to work with other local advocacy organizations to support our Transgender siblings best as the bill now heads to the House of Representatives.

Healthcare is a human right. Transgender rights are human rights. We call on our entire LGBTQ+ community to actively fight for these rights for ALL of us.

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