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A QWIK primer on the fundamental things you need to know in order to safely and happily explore the world of kink. Learn about kink in a relatable, fun, and respectful environment. Attendees do not need background knowledge or experience to attend.

  • An overview kink/BDSM/leather what is it, what it is about, and why people like it
  • Consent, Safety, and Community
  • Definitions and Common Roles
  • Communication, communication, communication
  • THATS MY KINK! vs Kink Shaming: types of play vs don’t yuck my yum
  • Kink vs. Abuse: how to recognize the difference between kink and abuse
  • Don’t just protect your mind, protect your body: A sexual health quickie
  • Resources: Books, the Hanky Code, and where you might find kinky queers?
This event is open to individuals aged 18 and over who are comfortable in a female affirming space.
Suggested donation of $10 cash or online ticket sales.

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