Wil Bryant Photo Credit: Atlanta Pride Committee

Wil Bryant

Board Chair

Preferred Pronouns: He / Him / His
Director Status: Returning
Current Term: Third (3)

Wil has served as a Director since 2018. Formerly, he served as Vice-Chair and Chair of the Membership and Governance Subcommittees. Wil comes to APC with service leadership involvement at organizations centered on HIV prevention and treatment, community outreach, small business development, and reducing recidivism. His goal is to ensure that APC continues to lead our community for generations by amplified investments in building and developing leaders, by being an exhaustive community resource for LGBTQ+ individuals, through advocating for human rights, and by honoring the sacrifices of those who lit the torch we now carry by continuing their fight.

Wil stated he serves on the Atlanta Pride Board because, "I am driven to move forward our work for social and racial justice, human rights, and equity."

Prior to serving on the Atlanta Pride Board Will served as a Director for a Condominium Association (President), a Homeowners Association (President), a Director for ITLA, the CAB Administrator for the Hope Clinic, and a Director for the Becoming One Community Foundation. He has served as Chair of the Board of Directors for The Atlanta Pride Committee since December 2019 having previously served as Vice Chair from October 2019 to December 2019, and has served as a Director for The Atlanta Pride Committee since February 2018. As per the Atlanta Pride bylaws, this year will be his final term on the Atlanta Pride Board of Directors.