Atlanta, Georgia. – Today the Atlanta Pride Committee (APC) announced their list of 2018 year-end grant recipients.


Over the past several years, APC has increased their efforts around community reinvestment.  They provide assistance to organizations that support a variety of important causes throughout the year, and they once again allocated additional funds to be given in the month of December. 


In 2017, year-end grants total over $25,000, bringing APC’s annual community reinvestment budget to more than $50,000 for the first time.  Showing that this program remains a priority, the total for 2018 increased again. APC 2018 Community Outreach grants totaled over $65,000 this past year! 


Jamie Fergerson, APC Executive Director said of the effort, “It’s a stretch for our small organization, but it’s an important one.”


Dr. Annise Mabry, of Foundation that bears her name, noted, “Receiving the 2018 Community Reinvestment Grant from the Atlanta Pride Committee allowed us to launch our Thrive with Pride Diploma Challenge.”


Mabry continued, “Even though we have only had the grant a few months, we have already been able to impact the lives of 8 LGBTQ students who dropped out or were pushed out of school.   Three of these students will graduate in the Class of 2019; and, one has already started her college classes to become an EMT.”


“Out On Film is excited to continue its relationship with Atlanta Pride,” said Jim Farmer, Executive Director, Out on Film. “We collaborate with Pride annually on screenings and look forward to expanding that this year with a series of films from each decade after Stonewall. We thank Pride for the grant and opportunity to present and share these with the public,” he noted.


Steven Igarashi-Ball, Assistant Events & Team Manager said of the grant, AID Atlanta is proud to have a community partnership with Atlanta Pride.  As a recipient of their community grant program, they financially support our work in the community, enabling us to reach a wider and more diverse population than might otherwise be possible.”


He continued, “Our work is closely aligned to the mission of Atlanta Pride, making us a strong and effective team.  We are proud to have our impactful community work considered a part of the spectrum of services that are the Atlanta Pride rainbow.”


Fergerson finished, “If there is anything about which I can be certain at this time, is that it is imperative that we make a concerted effort to work together.  An integral part of that needs to include supporting each other. Our people have always been resilient, and we can use these hard times that we did not ask for, to fuel our movement towards justice.  We all know that it will not be easy, but I believe that together, we can accomplish much.  I am grateful to be in the work with each one of you.”


APC has committed to continue expanding their education and social justice programming in 2019.  The APC will lend their support to those working to uplift the most vulnerable members of Atlanta’s LGBTQ+ community.